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Strengthening Resilience

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Resilience is the ability to be happy, successful, again after something difficult or bad has happened. As a race, we humans are very resilent. But the last few years have been a test on our resolve....know more

Resilience and toughness are not the same thing. Toughness can make you brittle and break easily. Resilience, on the other hand, makes you flexible and helps you bounce back.

Life tests us in many ways. Tough deadlines at work, emergencies at home, high expectations from family and so on. How well we deal with it depends on our resilience.

It all shows through in how we deal emotional turmoil. Do we socially isolate ourselves? Procrastinate each task? Or do we just push it to the back of our minds and ignore that it’s even there?

These are all unhealthy coping mechanisms that can send us on a downward emotional spiral. So let’s look for solutions to dealing with our emotions that can help us bounce back and restore our positive outlook towards life.

Here’s how our 4 sessions can help:
* Understand resilience and identify unhealthy coping mechanisms
* Learn how to regulate and manage emotions through acceptance
* Learn to manage conflicts through communication
* Plan realistically for greater success and embrace receiving help

Course Fee: Rs 1999

This course includes:

  • 88 minutes of 38 on demand videos

  • 4 quizes

  • 4 assessments

  • 8 Assisted Journal

  • 4 live sessions

  • Full lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion

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How do thrive skills help in making everyday emotions easy?

Each thrive skill has been designed to increase our awareness about our emotions in the context of the topic. In addition, they teach you methods to manage emotions constructively and effectively towards a goal using tools that are used regularly in psychotherapy. When you practise these methods regularly, they help you manage everyday emotions easily.

How much time do I need to spend to do well in this course?

The live sessions will need 45mins once a week for 4 weeks. In addition, we recommend you spend 10 minutes per day to practise the learnings in real life.

Is the course in English or Hindi or other Indian languages?

Currently we are offering this course in English only.

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Creating a support network for engaged learning


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During live sessions for experiential learning


To aid reflection, recall and just for fun


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